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05/03John WhitfieldIrmgard Sailing Ship Sunk Of S/America 26.6.10[0]
02/03James JohnMv Ambassador[2]
01/03Kevin O`reillyBarque Kobenhavn[0]
27/02Jones RobertList Of My Marks[4]
26/02Jan LettensPhotos[1]
26/02Allen TonySs Conteverde First Worl Cup 1930[1]
22/02Kampel HeinzGhostship Kangaroa[0]
22/02Black JonathanHm Submarine Triton (N15)[4]
22/02Bescoby RogerCampeador V Wreck Isle Of Wight[0]
20/02See_VdInsert A New Owner[0]
05/02Racey CarlInyula[1]
01/02Laheyne DanielSS Halifax[2]
31/01Allen TonyLobster Boat Fair Wind[1]
26/01Loro EzioMutine Hms[0]
25/01Jones JonathanMv Seistan[0]
23/01Elderfield Jane1690s Cape Cod Mystery Wreck[1]
17/01Jan CareMerchant Ship Empire Stanley[2]
16/01Jens RasmussenBallot 1942-43 Final Log[1]
06/01Wendes DavidSs Fernside #144834[1]
05/01Saques IsabelLa Rata Santa Maria Encoronada[0]
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05/03/1917 Copenhagen SS (prev. Elbe?) [+1917] wreck
Copenhagen SS (prev. Elbe?) [+1917]On March 5th, 1917, the British passenger steamer SS Copenhagen, on a voyage from Harwich to Hook of Holland with passengers, was sunk by the German submarine UC-61 (Georg Gerth), 8 miles E1/2N of the North Hinder lightvessel. 6 persons were killed.
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05/03/1872 Denmark (ex Great Republic) (+1872) wreck
Denmark (ex Great Republic) (+1872)The GREAT REPUBLIC was a famous clipper built as 4-mast full-rigged wooden ship by Donald McKay in Boston in late 1852. She was at her time the world's largest commercial sailing ship with a length over all of 99 m. After a fire in 1862 during the loading process, which was caused by flying sparks from a nearby backery, the ship was reduced and shortened to a 3-mast full rigged ship (new grt of 3357 tons). In 1866 she was sold to the canadian captain J.S. Hatfield who renamed her to DENMARK and used the ship in the East-India-Trade. On march 05th 1872 the ship got into a heavy gale close to the Bermudas on passage from Rio de Janeiro to St. John (NB). After the pumps could not get rid of the water leakage, the ship was abandoned in sinking condition.
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05/03/1917 Ilala SV (+1917) wreck
Ilala SV (+1917) SV ILALA Built by Whitehaven SB Co., Whitehaven (#54); 1375 grt, 1249 nrt; 234.5 x 37.5 x 21.6 On the 5th March 1917 the Ilala developed a leak after being dismasted, 600 miles West of Ireland, on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Vaksdal with a wargo of maize. The vessel was abandoned and the crew being picked up by the British steamship Albanian. Albanian was armed and sank the hulk by gunfire, considering her to be a hazard to navigation. From Norway sources : 1882: Sept.: Levert son ILALA for Lowden, Edgar & Co., Liverpool, UK 1892: Overført til W. Lowden & Co., Liverpool, UK 1903: Sept.: Solgt til A/S Ilala (Hansen & Anderssen), Larvik 1916: Mars: Solgt til Skibs-A/S Fremad (J. M. Jacobsen & Co.), Sandefjord 1916: Okt.: Solgt til Bulls Seilskipsrederi A/S (Gustav B. Bull), Sandefjord 1916: Rederiet flyttet til Kristiania 1917: 05.03. : Forlatt på reise Buenos Aires – Vaksdal med mais. Fartøyet var slått lekk da riggen gikk over bord i voldsomt vær. Engelsk D/S ALBANIAN som reddet besetningen, var bevepnet og skjøt fartøyet i senk, da det ble ansett å være en fare for skipstrafikken.
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05/03/1902 Waesland SS (+1902) wreck
Waesland SS (+1902)Waesland SS was a British Passenger/Cargo Steamship of 4,752grt built in 1867 by J. & G. Thomson, Govan as the SS Russia for the British & North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. She was Cunard´s first Transatlantic screw steamer. Sold to the Red Star Line in 1880, renamed WAESLAND SS and lengthened to 435.1 feet and fitted with Compound engines. In 1889 she was reengined with Triple expansion engines. Lost in collision on the 8th March 1902 off Anglesey, N, Wales after colliding in the fog with the Harmonides SS. 2 lives lost.
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05/03/1917 Iltis SMS (+1917) wreck
Iltis SMS (+1917)Gutenfels was launched in 1905 by Flensburger Schiffbau for the DDG Hansa. At the beginning of WWI, she was captured by the Admiralty and renamed Polavon. In 1915 she was sold to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Ltd and renamed Turritella. In 1917, Turrtella was re-captured by the German auxiliary cruiser SMS Wolf (ex-Wachtfels I), off Colombo. She was rebuilt as an auxiliary cruiser and renamed SMS Iltis. On March 5th, 1917, while laying a minefield in the Gulf of Aden, she was spotted and chased by the British warships HMS Odin and HMS Fox. The crew, however, managed to scuttle her to avoid capture. They were all saved and taken prisoners.
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05/03/1918 Uskmoor SS [+1918] wreck
Uskmoor SS [+1918]SS Uskmoor, built by J. Blumer & Co., Sunderland in 1912 and owned at the time of her loss by Moor Line, Ltd. (W. Runciman & Co.), London, was a British steamer of 3189 tons. On March 5th, 1918, Uskmoor, on a voyage from Dunkerque to Barry in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine UB-80 (Max Viebeg), 3 miles southwest of Prawle Point. There were no casualties.
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05/03/1887 Angola [+1887] wreck
Angola [+1887]Sank following collision with SS Reginald. No lives lost. It was subsequently salvaged - for full details see Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Vol II. Cargo was from West Africa - palm oil, ebony, ivory, animals,...
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05/03/1940 Grutto SS (+1940) wreck
Grutto SS (+1940)Grutto, a dutch steam freighter of 920 tons, was built in 1925. She was on voyage from London to Rotterdam via Gravesend on 4th March 1940, when she was torpedoed at 20:58hrs by U-17. There were 18 casualties.
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05/03/1943 Executive SS (+1943) wreck
Executive SS (+1943)At 09.26 hours on 5 Mar, 1943, U-255 fired a spread of three torpedoes at the convoy RA-53 and heard two detonations. The Executive was sunk and Richard Bland was damaged, but five days later finished off by the same U-boat. Lookouts on the Executive (Master James Walden) in station #52 (orginally in #51) spotted the first torpedo, which crossed the bow of the ship. But the second torpedo struck on the starboard side between the #4 hatch and the engine room. The explosion blew the hatch covers off the #4 hatch and demolished the booms, the engine, the dynamos and all the equipment in the immediate area. The #4 hold was rapidly flooded and the ship began to settle slowly by the stern. The eight officers, 30 men and 24 armed guards (the ship was armed with one 4in, two .50cal and two .30cal guns) abandoned ship without orders in three lifeboats and one raft. One armed guard, three officers and five crewmen died. The survivors were picked up immediately by the British armed trawler HMS St. Elstan (FY 240) (eleven men) and HMS Northern Pride (FY 105) (42 men) and landed in Iceland five days later. The drifting ship was scuttled by gunfire from a destroyer about one hour after the attack.
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05/03/1890 Jarl SS (+1890) wreck
Jarl SS (+1890)In the night of March 5th, 1890, the Danish steamer JARL, built in 1885, was on voyage from Bornholm to Copenhagen with passengers, general cargo and pigs, when she capsized and sank in a storm, 3 miles off Hammeren. 12 crew and 14 passengers lost their lives.
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05/03/1907 Riftswood SS (+1907) wreck
Riftswood SS (+1907)SS Riftswood caught fire and was abandoned SE of North Point, St. Lucia on passage Cardiff for Barbados and Dominica with coal on the 5th March 1907.
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05/03/1912 Illawarra SV (+1912) wreck
Illawarra SV (+1912) SV ILLAWARRA Built by Dobie & Co., Glasgow (#116); 1972 grt, 1802 nrt, 2905 dwt.; 269.0 x 40.6 x 24.0 On March 5th, 1912, the Norwegian fully rigged ship SV ILLAWARRA, owned at the time of her loss by Lydersen N.A., Tvedestrand, was on a voyage from Leith to Coquimbo with a cargo of cokes, when she was abandoned in the North Atlantic. 1 person was lost. From Norway sources : 1881: Okt.: Levert som ILLAWARRA for Devitt & Moore, London, UK 1907: Juni: Solgt til A/S Illawarra (N. A. Lydersen, Sundet), Tvedestrand 1912: 05.03. : Forlatt i Atlanterhavet, på reise Leith – Coquimbo med koks. 1 mann omkom.
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05/03/1912 Bessie SV (+1912) wreck
Bessie SV (+1912)Since leaving Ballincurrah, Ireland for Penryn the 3-masted schooner BESSIE had been in heavy weather. The captain was forced to anchor in Newquay Bay overnight. The anchor dragged, the Captain made to enter Newquay harbour but mistook the lights for the entrance and went ashore on the rocks just below the Island estate. The rocket brigade rescued the crew.
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05/03/1916 Rothesay SS (+1916) wreck
Rothesay SS (+1916)SS Rothesay, built by W. Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool in 1891 and owned at the time of her loss by Rothesay SS. Co. Ltd. (J. Cory & Son), Cardiff, was a British steamer of 2007 tons. On March 5th, 1916, Rothesay, on a voyage from Sevilla to Troon with a cargo of iron ore, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-32 (Kurt Hartwig), 30 miles SW Bishop Rock. There were no casualties.
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05/03/1916 Berthe SS (+1916) wreck
Berthe SS (+1916)On February 29th, 1916, the French steel cargo ship BERTHE, left Brest for Philippeville & Bizerta with a cargo of patent fuel, and went missing. Last seen at Gibraltar on March 5th, she was not heard of ever since.
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05/03/1917 Dupleix SV (+1917) wreck
Dupleix SV (+1917)Dupleix, a 2,206 tons French barque was captured and sunk on March 5, 1917 by the German raider SMS Seeadler. Note : Captain Ludovic Charrier was also the Captain of the schooner SV PIERRE, sunk in 1918 by the German submarine U-91.
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05/03/1917 Navarra SS (+1917) wreck
Navarra SS (+1917) SS NAVARRA Built by William Dobson & Co., Newcastle (#153); 1261 grt, 777 nrt, 2180 dwt.; 232.0 x 36.0 x 16.3; triple expansion engine (NE Mar. Eng. Co. Ltd., Wallsend), 154 nhp, 470 ihp. Norwegian cargo ship SS NAVARRA, owned at the time of her loss by Fearnley & Eger, Oslo. On March 7th, 1917, Navarra, on a voyage from Goteborg to Nantes with a cargo of wood pulp and paper, was sunk by gunfire by the German submarine U-48 (Berndt Buß), south from Eddystone Rock. 19 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1907: Juni: Levert som NAVARRA for D/S I/S Garonne (Fearnley & Eger), Kristiania 1917: 05.03. : Passerte Dungeness på reise Göteborg – Tyne – Nantes med tremasse og papir og forsvant med hele besetningen, 19 mann. 2 livbåter men 3 omkomne drev senere i land ved Black Head og på Jersey. Det foreligger også en rapport fra Scilly Isl.: ”Norw. S/S NAVARRA abandoned and on fire, 49.24 N, 07.29 V”. Ingen tyske ubåter har rapportert å ha vært innblandet.
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05/03/1918 Estrella SS [+1918] wreck
Estrella SS [+1918]SS Estrella, built by Clyde SB. & Eng. Co., Ltd., Port Glasgow in 1912 and operated at the time of her loss by The Shipping Controller (managed by Elder Dempster & Co., Ltd.), London, was a British steamer of 1740 tons. She was owned by the Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab when in 1917, she was requisioned by the British. On March 5th, 1918, Estrella, on a voyage from Havre to Tyne in ballast, was sunk by a mine from the German submarine UC-4 (Ernst Berlin), 5 miles S1/2W of the Shipwash lightvessel. 20 persons were lost. Another ship in her convoy, the Tustnastabb was also sunk the same day in the same minefield.
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05/03/1918 Roxburgh SS (+1918) wreck
Roxburgh SS (+1918)SS Roxburgh, built by W. Doxford & Sons, Ltd., Sunderland in 1906 and owned at the time of her loss by A. M. Sutherland, Newcastle, was a British steamer of 4630 tons. On March 5th, 1918, Roxburgh, on a voyage from Karachi to Salonica with a cargo of barley, was sunk by the German submarine UC-74 (Hans Adalbert von der Lühe), 15 miles ExN1/2N (= E N E 1/2 E) of Cape St. John, Crete. 6 persons were lost.
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05/03/1920 Koputai PSS (+1920) wreck
Koputai PSS (+1920) Koputai; 158 tons; 34.2x6.1x2.9 m.; Owned by J. & J. Daley; Built at T. Wingate & Co. in 1876. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 10/1917. On 05 March 1920, Koputai (W. E. Merchant) was on voyage from Sydney Harbour, Dawes Point with a crew of 4, when she was lost due to a leakage off 5 miles SE of South Head Sydney.
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05/03/1921 Argyllshire (+1921) wreck
Argyllshire (+1921)Cargo of coals. Remark to Aad Kleijn: this Argyllshire in our database was sunk in 1921, so it must be another Argyllshire
see wreck
05/03/1927 Amanda SS (+1927) wreck
Amanda SS (+1927) SS AMANDA Built by Akers mek. Verksted, Kristiania (#244); 1170 grt, 734 nrt, 1550 dwt.; 225.3 x 33.7 x 16.5; triple expansion engine (Aker), 130 nhp, 560 ihp On March 5th, 1927, the Norwegian cargo ship SS AMANDA, owned at the time of her loss by Johan P. Pederson & Sons, Kristiania and carrying a cargo of silver, was lost in a hurricane while docked at Tamatave, Madagaskar. 19 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1906: Juni: Levert som AMANDA for A/S Ocean (John P. Pedersen), Kristiania 1927: 05.03. : Brukket ned av en syklon under landligge i Tamatave, Madagaskar. Fartøyet var stykkgodslastet. 19 mann omkom.
see wreck
05/03/1934 Concordia SS (+1934) wreck
Concordia SS (+1934)The British steamer Concordia sank after colliding with the SS Black Eagle during foggy weather, 40 miles of Sable Island. She was on route from St. John NB to the Clyde, carrying a cargo of grain and live stock.
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05/03/1934 Bilbeis SS (+1934) wreck
Bilbeis SS (+1934)SS Bilbeis was wrecked at Kuzakhama when 2nm S Jaffa on the 5th March 1934 when on route from Alexandria for Mersin with a general cargo.
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05/03/1934 Santoni SS (+1934) wreck
Santoni SS (+1934)The Italian tanker Santoni, on passage Batum to France carrying a cargo of gasoil, ran aground during a gale and broke in two 5 miles S of Constantza.
see wreck
05/03/1938 Lady Lavinia FV (H160) (+1938) wreck
Lady Lavinia FV (H160) (+1938)FV Lady Lavinia (H160) was a British registered steam tralwer of 417grt that was built in 1935 by Cook, Welton & Gemmel of Hull. On the 5th March 1938 when homeward bound from Bear Island she foundered off Sula Lt., Norway in gale force conditions. All the crew were lost.
see wreck
05/03/1941 Murjek MV (+1941) wreck
Murjek MV (+1941)At 05.25 hours on 5 Mar, 1941, the neutral Murjek was hit by one torpedo from U-95 west-northwest of Rockall. The ship had been missed by a first torpedo at 05.06 hours and sank only after four additional hits at 05.33, 05.51, 06.25 (dud) and 06.55 hours. Schreiber reported that the ship was en route with lights set, but no nationality markings were visible and he thought of an Allied ship using its lights as a ruse, even after intercepting radio messages that identified the ship as Swedish Murjek.
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05/03/1941 Marzamemi SS [+1941] wreck
Marzamemi SS [+1941]On 5th March 1941, HMS Triumph (Lt. Cdr. W. J. W. Woods) torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchants Marzamemi (958 grt) and Colomba Lofaro (897 grt) near Capo dell'Armi, Calabria, Italy
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05/03/1941 Martini MV [+1941] wreck
Martini MV [+1941]The Dutch coaster Martini, in convoy from Par to Runcorn, collided with the British tanker Sepia and sank off Lizard Point.
see wreck
05/03/1941 Colomba Lofaro SS (+1941) wreck
Colomba Lofaro SS (+1941)The Italian steamer Colombo Lafaro was torpedoed and sunk by HMS Triumph.
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