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16/09/1918 Lord Stewart SS [+1918] wreck
Lord Stewart SS [+1918]Lord Stewart was 1,445grt and a defensively-armed steamship. On the 16 September 1918, on route from Cherbourg to Barry, 6 miles E ½ N from Hope´s Nose, Torquay, Devon she was torpedoed without warning and sunk by UB-104, 1 life lost.
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16/09/1899 Peveril SS (I) [+1899] wreck
Peveril SS (I) [+1899]This passenger ferry was only carrying two passengers from Liverpool to Douglas when she collided with SS Monarch of Belfast and foundered 14 miles SE by S of Douglas.
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16/09/1939 Rudyard Kipling FV (FD33) [+1939] wreck
Rudyard Kipling FV (FD33) [+1939]Rudyard Kipling was a British Steam Trawler built in 1921 and of 333 tons. On the 16th September whilst on route from FLEETWOOD for the Fishing Grounds she was captured by U-27 and scuttled.
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16/09/1939 Aviemore SS [+1939] wreck
Aviemore SS [+1939]Aviemore was a British Merchant steamer built in 1920 and owned by the JOHNSTON WARREN LINES LTD. On the 16th September 1939 when on route from SWANSEA for MONTEVIDEO and BUENOS AIRES carrying a cargo of 5165 tons tinplates and black sheets she was torpedoed by U-31 and sunk. 23 crew lost.
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16/09/1936 Pourquoi Pas (IV) ? (+1936) wreck
Pourquoi Pas (IV) ? (+1936)
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16/09/1918 Philomel SS [+1918] wreck
Philomel SS [+1918]Philomel SS was a 3,050grt defensively-armed British merchantship built in 1917 by Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Yard No 291 for the General Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London. She was powered by a steam triple expansion engine 3 cylinder. On the 16th September 1918 when 12 miles SE by E from Glenan Island, Brittany she was torpedoed without warning and sunk by German submarine UB-88 off Doelan.
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16/09/1918 Ethel SS [+1918] wreck
Ethel SS [+1918]Ethel SS was a British Merchant steamer of 2,337grt. On the 16th September 1918 when on route from Rouen for Barry Roads she was torpedoed by German submarine UB-104 and sunk when 8 miles SE from Berry Head, Devon. Owned by Burdick & Cook, London.
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16/09/1918 Tasman SS (+1918) wreck
Tasman SS (+1918)SS Tasman, built by Earle's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull in 1912 and owned at the time of her loss by The Shipping Controller (Federal Steam Nav. Co. Ltd.,), London, was a British steamer of 5.023 tons. On September 16th, 1918, Tasman, on a voyage from London to Calcutta, was sunk by the German submarine U-46 (Leo Hillebrand), 220 miles NxW1/4W of Cape Villano. 14 persons were lost.
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16/09/1889 Lily HMS (+1889) wreck
Lily HMS (+1889)HMS Lily went ashore off the Point Amour Lighthouse in the fog on the 16th September 1889.
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16/09/1892 Vienna SS (+1892) wreck
Vienna SS (+1892)Vienna ss was a wooden American steambarge which was downbound with a load of iron ore when she was struck by the upbound steamer Nipigon SS on September 16th 1892 off Whitefish Point in Lake Superior. Both steamers were towing barges, cut down schooners, at the time, which they dropped after the collision to allow the Nipigon to tow the Vienna onto the beach. They fell about a mile short; the Vienna plunging into what was said to be really deep water at the time of the sinking. The Vienna actually rests about a mile outside the harbor of refuge at Whitefish Point in 145 feet of water. Because it is the closest wreck to the harbor, and the most protected in bad weather, it is the most dived shipwreck in the Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve.
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16/09/1895 Calcutta SV (+1895) wreck
Calcutta SV (+1895)SV Calcutta was abandoned after springing a leak on the 16th September 1895 off Staten Island, Argentina in the South Atlantic. She drove ashore and was wrecked the next day. On a voyage Huanillos for London with guano.
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16/09/1906 Charles B. Packard SS (+1906) wreck
Charles B. Packard SS (+1906)While driving on through a gale, she struck the wreckage of the schooner ARMENIA(qv) and foundered on Colchester Shoal. She had been bound for Chicago with the barge HAROLD in tow. Master: Capt. J. McCaffery.
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16/09/1909 Islander PSS (+1909) wreck
Islander PSS (+1909)This side-wheel steamship is one of The Northeast Aquanaut Club Members favorite shore dives. This wreck site is located in Alexandria Bay, NY and ample parking can be found at the site, as well as park benches for divers to gear up on. Some of The Islanders jobs before her sinking was serving as a mail carrier and then taking people on river boat tours. On September 16, 1909 while at dock the Islander caught fire and burned sending her to the bottom. The wreck can be reached in 15 ft of water and a diver will max out at 75 ft, she sits on a slight angle and is a wonderful dive site.
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16/09/1911 Amfitrite SV (Amphitrite) (+1911) wreck
Amfitrite SV (Amphitrite) (+1911)On September 18th, 1911, the Italian iron fully rigged ship AMPHITRITE, left Montevideo for Newcastle, Nsw, and went missing. She was not heard of ever since.
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16/09/1912 Nanyetsu Maru No.2 (+1912) wreck
Nanyetsu Maru No.2 (+1912)Nantetsu Maru SS was a Japanese Passenger/Cargo Steamer of 2,064 tons built in 1890 by William Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton for the Union Steamship Co of New Zealand, Dunedin and built originally as the ROTOKINO. In 1905 she was acquired by Ukon Gonzayemon, Tsuruga/Kobe, Japan and renamed NANYETSU MARU. On the 16th September 1912 she was blown ashore and wrecked by a typhoon at Taipanroku, Japan.
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16/09/1915 Africa SS [+1915] wreck
Africa SS [+1915]Africa SS was a British cargo steamer of 1,038grt that was mined by German submarine UC-6 when sailing from London for Boulogne with a genaral cargo and sank 1.5 miles off Kingsdown near Deal where she was beached. Total Loss.
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16/09/1917 G-9 HMS (+1917) wreck
G-9 HMS (+1917)G9 was sunk by the destroyer HMS Pasley after mistaking Pasley for a U-boat in foul weather on the night of 16 September 1917 and firing two torpedoes at her. The first struck Pasley on her starboard quarter, but too acutely to detonate; the second passed astern. On seeing the submarine’s wash the Pasley' s, put hard to starboard and rammed G9 just aft of amidships all but cutting her in two, and she sank less than one minute later with the loss of all but one of her crew.
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16/09/1917 Facto SS [+1917] wreck
Facto SS [+1917]SS Facto, built by Short Bros., Ltd., Sunderland in 1904 and owned at the time of her loss by A/S D/S Facto (B. Stolt-Nielsen), Haugesund, was a Norwegian steamer of 2372 tons. On September 16th, 1917, Facto, on a voyage from Havre to Cardiff in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine UB-18 (Ulrich Meier), 16 miles WNW of the Lizard in Mounts Bay. 2 persons were lost.
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16/09/1917 Ann J. Trainer SV (+1917) wreck
Ann J. Trainer SV (+1917)The American sailing vessel Ann J. Trainer was scuttled on 16th September 1917 by the German submarine UC-21 (Werner von Zerboni di Sposetti), 30 miles off Ushant (Ouessant). Ann J. Trainer was on a voyage from New York to Le Havre with a cargo of oil and wires. There were no casualties.
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16/09/1918 Acadian SS [+1918] wreck
Acadian SS [+1918]SS Acadian, built by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Port Glasgow in 1908 and owned at the time of her loss by Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd., Glasgow (Montreal), was a Canadian steamer of 2305 tons. On September 16th, 1918, Acadian, on a voyage from Bilbao to Ayr with a cargo of iron ore, was sunk by the German submarine UB-117 (Erwin Waßner), 11 miles SWxW from Trevose Head. 25 persons were lost.
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16/09/1918 Buenaventura USS (+1918) wreck
Buenaventura USS (+1918)SS Buenaventura, built by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Newcastle in 1913 and operated at the time of her loss by U.S. Navy Naval Overseas Transportation Service, was an American steamer of 4.881 tons. On September 16th, 1918, Buenaventura, on a voyage from Le Verdon to Philadelphia in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine UB-129 (Karl Neumann), 200 miles off NW Spain. 18 persons were lost.
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16/09/1918 Serula SS [+1918] wreck
Serula SS [+1918]SS Serula, built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd., Newcastle in 1905 and owned at the time of her loss by Cork Steamship Co. Ltd., Cork, was an Irish steamer of 1388 tons. On September 16th, 1918, Serula, on a voyage from Manchester to Rouen with general cargo, was sunk by the German submarine UB-64 (Ernst Krieger), 13.5 miles NE1/2N of Strumble Head. 17 persons were lost.
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16/09/1918 G. Voyazides SS (+1918) wreck
G. Voyazides SS (+1918)SS G. Voyazides, built by Blyth SB. Co. Ltd., Blyth in 1904 and owned at the time of her loss by Saliaris Bros., Piraeus, was a Greek steamer of 3040 tons. On September 16th, 1918, G. Voyazides, on a voyage from Marseille to Algiers, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UC-67 (Martin Niemöller), in the Gulf of Lyon. 18 persons were lost.
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16/09/1918 Wellington SS (+1918) wreck
Wellington SS (+1918)My great grandfather (William Christopher Donovan) was the captain/master of the Wellington. He went down with her when she was torpedoed - he was posthumously awarded the Lloyds Medal.
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16/09/1918 Ramon Mumbru SS [+1918] wreck
Ramon Mumbru SS [+1918]On September 16th, 1918, the Spanish iron cargo ship RAMON NUMBRU, on voyage from Bilbao to Manchester with a cargo of onions, sank after a collision.
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16/09/1919 West Arvada SS [+1919] wreck
West Arvada SS [+1919]West Arrada liep 16 mijl noord van Terschelling Licht op een mijn, er viel één dode te betreuren.
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16/09/1924 Moyallon SS [+1924] wreck
Moyallon SS [+1924]Moyallon SS was a British Cargo Steamer of 432 tons built in 1919 as the WAR IRWELL. She was built for John Kelly, Belfast. On the 16th September 1924 she sank off Strumble Head after springing a leak on passage from Carrigallan for Newhaven with a cargo of stones.
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16/09/1940 Stad Schiedam SS (+1940) wreck
Stad Schiedam SS (+1940)STAD SCHIEDAM Halcyon Lijn; 1911; Craig, Taylor & Co.; 5,918 tons; 415 x 55- 5x26-6; 470 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines. The Dutch steamship Stad Schiedam was bound from Port Sulphur to Sydney, N.S., with sulphur. On September 16th, 1940, when two days out from Bermuda, the ship was sunk by an internal explosion. Twelve survivors were picked up after being afloat for five days on a raft. The explosion was considered to have been caused by gasification of her sulphur cargo.
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16/09/1940 City Of Mobile SS [+1940] wreck
City Of Mobile SS [+1940]Only for Hydrographic service subscribers.
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16/09/1940 Bibury SS [+1940] wreck
Bibury SS [+1940]The British steamer Bibury SS, Capt. L. Hunter, was sunk by a German raider on September 16th, 1940, some hundreds of miles W. of Bissao, West Africa. Capt. Hunter and 38 men were killed
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