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23/08/1918 Tithonus SS (+1918) wreck
Tithonus SS (+1918)SS TITHONUS, built by Gourlay Bros. & Co. (Dundee), Ltd., Dundee in 1908 and operated at the time of her loss by Royal Navy, was a British armed boarding steamer of 3.463 tons. She was originally the passenger ship S/S TITANIA with accomodation for 86 first, 68 second and 585 third class passengers, owned by the Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget, Helsinki and used in the Copenhagen-Hull service. She was requisioned in 1916 by the Admiralty. On March 28th, 1918, Tithonus, on a voyage from U.K. to Norway, was sunk by the German submarine UB-72 (Friedrich Träger), 50 miles east of Aberdeen while escorting a convoy to Norway. 4 persons were lost.
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23/08/1946 Fort-Boisé [+1946] wreck
Fort-Boisé [+1946]On August 23rd, 1946, while bound from Botwood to northern France, Fort Boise went aground on Grand Shoal, east of St. Pierre, Miquelon Island. She was declared a total loss.
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23/08/1915 Miura HMT [+1915] wreck
Miura HMT [+1915]Miura, built by Smith's Dock Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough in 1911 and operated at the time of her loss by Royal Navy, was a British navy trawler used as a patrol boat of 257 tons. On August 23rd, 1915, Miura was sunk by the German submarine UB-2 (Werner Fürbringer), off Great Yarmouth. 11 persons were lost.
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23/08/1917 Veghtstroom SS [+1917] wreck
Veghtstroom SS [+1917]SS Veghtstroom, built by Rijkee & Co., Rotterdam in 1902 and owned at the time of her loss by Lawrence D. Holt, Liverpool, was a British steamer of 1353 tons. On August 23rd, 1917, Veghtstroom, on a voyage from Penarth to Havre with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine UC-47 (Paul Hundius), 7 miles northwest of the Godrevy lighthouse. 5 persons were lost. Notes : 1. the VEGHTSTROOM was positively identified by her bell by Colin Faihurst. 2. Ignore UKHO history data for this wreck, as it is wrongly assumed to be the DUNDEE.
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23/08/1916 Carly SS [+1916] wreck
Carly SS [+1916]24th August 1916 wrecked on La Blanche Rocks, 14 miles west of St. Nazaire on passage Villaricos for Nantes with iron ore.
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23/08/1940 Keret SS [+1940] wreck
Keret SS [+1940]Keret SS was a Norwegian Cargo Steamer built in 1927 and of 1,718 tons. On the 23rd August 1940 she was on route from TYNE for SYDNEY N.S in ballast when she was torpedoed by U-37 and sunk. 13 crew lost from a total crew 20.
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23/08/1940 Severn Leigh SS [+1940] wreck
Severn Leigh SS [+1940]Severn Leigh SS was a British Cargo Steamer built in 1919 and of 5,242 tons. She was formerly called QUEEN OLGA (1937) BEMBRIDGE (1924) and was owned by WHITWILL & SONS LTD, MARK. SEVERN STEAMSHIP CO LTD. On the 23rd August 1940 when on route from HULL for ST JOHN N.B. in ballast she was torpedoed and sunk by gunfire from U-37 and sunk. 33 crew lost from a total crew 42.
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23/08/1940 Brookwood SS [+1940] wreck
Brookwood SS [+1940]Brookwood SS was a British Cargo Steamer built in 1929 and of 5,100 tons. She was owned by CONSTANTINE STEAMSHIP LINE LTD, JOSEPH. On the 24th August 1940 when on route from LONDON for SYDNEY N.S. via SCOTLAND she was torpedoed by U-37 and sunk by gunfire. 1crew missing from a total of 37.
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23/08/1940 Hostile HMS (H55) [+1940] wreck
Hostile HMS (H55) [+1940]Hostile HMS (H55) was a British Royal Navy Destroyer Type Class H built in 1934 by Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Greenock, Scotland. On the 23rd August 1940 she ran into a minefield 5.AN laid by Italian Destroyers, MAESTRALE, GRECALE, LIBECCIO and SCIROCCO. She was severely damaged and was scuttled by HMS Hero.
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23/08/1965 Käthe Niederkirchner MV [+1965] wreck
Käthe Niederkirchner MV [+1965]The German cargo Kathe Niederkirchner,built in 1964 by Warnowwerft, Warnebunde and owned at the time of her loss by the Deutsche Seerederei, ran aground on August 23rd 1965 on Muckle Skerry in fog. She capsized and sank, but the crew was saved.
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23/08/1944 V-729 (Marie-Simone) (+1944) wreck
V-729 (Marie-Simone) (+1944)En aout 1944, aprés le débarquement en Normandie, les alliés décide de nettoyer la côte atlantique de la présence de l´ennemi. C´est le lancement de l´opération Kinétic. Le 23 aout, les Allemands essaye de fuir le port d´Audierne en direction de Lorient. Les sept chalutiers armés répartis en deux convoi sont alors attaqué par une force anglo-canadienne composée du croiseur HMS Mauritus et des destroyers HMS Ursa et HMCS Iroquois. Le VP-729 ex Marie-Simone fait partit du premier convoi. Les radars alliés détectent ce convoi vers 1h20, et les destroyers commencent à canonner les navires allemands devant Audierne à 2h10. En quelques minutes, le VP-729 parvient à s´échouer le long de la digue Raoulic, tandis que le VP-702 ex-Memel se jette en feu sur le haut-fond de la Gamelle et le VP-730 ex-Michel-François coule dans le chenal d´accés au port.
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23/08/1959 Staxton Wyke FV (H479) [+1959] wreck
Staxton Wyke FV (H479) [+1959]Shipwreck Index:- A radio message was received by the Humber Radio at 2.10 a.m. from the British motor vessel DALHANNA, that she had collided with a small vessel off Flamborough Head in thick fog, and feared the other vessel had sank and could hear men in the water. Survivors from the STAXTON WYKE were picked up from two rafts, 16 men in total, including her skipper, 1st mate, chief engineer, 2nd officer, radio officer and eleven ratings. It was feared five men were missing. A search was made for survivors, but at 3.16 a.m. the skipper of the sunken trawler was satisfied that there was no more survivors, and that the DALHANNA could proceed. He reported that the trawler sank almost immediately, being struck amidships in the stokehold, casting adrift both her two inflatable rafts. The Flamborough Head lifeboat was launched at 4.08 a.m. to search for the survivors, took the 16 men from off the DALHANNA which proceeded to Middlesbrough, the survivors being landed at North Landing, Flamborough, at 10.30 a.m.
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23/08/1862 Adirondack USS (+1862) wreck
Adirondack USS (+1862)The U.S. S. Adirondack was an Ossipee class wooden screw sloop built in 1861 at the New York Navy Yard. She was launched on February 22, 1862, and commissioned in June of the same year. This union gun boat was 207 feet long, had a 38 foot beam, weighed 1,240 gross tons, and was powered by both sail and steam. The Adironduck was part of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron. On August 23rd 1862, while on a voyage from Port Royal to Nassau, she ran aground on Little Bahama Bank. Her crew was rescued by the vessel Canadaigua, but all salvage attempts of the ship failed. The Adirondack broke up in the surf and sunk.
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23/08/1867 Lady Darling PSS (+1867) wreck
Lady Darling PSS (+1867) Lady Darling; 169 tons; 29.1x6.1x1.5 m.; Built in 1864. Registered at Melbourne. Registration no. 17/1867. On 23 August 1867, Lady Darling was lost due to a fire off Murray River, Moama.
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23/08/1889 Centennial SS (ex-albion +1889) (+1889) wreck
Centennial SS (ex-albion +1889) (+1889) Centennial; Cargo; 897 tons; 66.5x8.3x6.7 m.; Owned by J. Cole Ellis; Built at Scott Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. in 1863. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 29/1889. On 23 August 1889, Centennial (Capt. Lessing) was on voyage from Sydney to Wellington with a cargo of coal and 52 passengers and a crew of 30, when she was lost after a collision off Sydney Harbour, Taylors Bay.
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23/08/1901 Lass O'Gowrie PSS (+1901) wreck
Lass O'Gowrie PSS (+1901)Lass O'Gowrie was built in 1883 by the South Shields company, J T Eltringham for David Edwards. With a gross tonnage of 128 and measuring 106 in length, she was primarily a leisure steamer on the Dundee-Newburgh-Perth route, with occasional additional stops and detours via Broughty Ferry.
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23/08/1907 E.T. Carrington SS (+1907) wreck
E.T. Carrington SS (+1907)Orginally built as a Sidewheeler the Carrington was converted to a steam propeller in 1898. Sprung a leak and sank fifteen miles from Duluth, MN, Lake Superior, bound from Ashland, WI, for Duluth. Crew saved by steamer FREDERICK B. WELLS. Loss occurred on August 23, 1907.
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23/08/1909 Port Tewfik SS (+1909) wreck
Port Tewfik SS (+1909)The Dutch tanker Port Tewfik (formerly an Egyptian hopper, 1902 conversed to tanker), foundered on a voyage from Morara Djawa to Balikpapan with crude oil.
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23/08/1913 Senior SV (+1913) wreck
Senior SV (+1913) SV SENIOR Built by Rijeke & Co., Katendrecht, Rotterdam (#38); 1118 grt, 1043 nrt; 208.4 x 35.1 x 20.7 On August 23rd, 1913, the Norwegian barque SV SENIOR, owned at the time of her loss by Klaveness A. F. & Co. D/S A/S, Oslo, was on a voyage from Cardiff with coal, when she was lost after running aground while entering Maranhao, Brazil. Note : also reported lost on August 25th, 1915. From Norway sources : 1885: Levert som SENIOR for J. Vroege, Alblasserdam, Ned. 1904: Juli: Solgt til A/S Barkskib Senior (A. F. Klaveness & Co.), Sandefjord 1909: Reg.havn endret til Kristiania. 1913: 23.08. : Grunnstøtte i innseilingen til Maranhao, Brasil, ved ankomst fra Cardiff med kull.
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23/08/1914 Flamingo PT-26 (+1914) wreck
Flamingo PT-26 (+1914)This is an Austrian torpedo-boat, which was armed with two bow-torpedoes and garrisoned by fourteen members. It was built on the 29th of August in 1889 and sunk on the 23rd of August in 1914 at 02:30 coming across own mine. The ship was sunk around 03:00. Captain J. O. Krieg has succeeded to send a light signal for urgent help and put an emergency boat into the sea. Soon after, the emergency boat was destroyed, because of the strong north-east wind and high waves. So the crew had to fight with the sea and storm. Help from torpedo-boats number 20 and 30 had arrived at 08:45. They have saved the commandant and six crew-members, but eleven members got drowned.
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23/08/1915 Fairmount SS (+1915) wreck
Fairmount SS (+1915) S/S FAIRMOUNT Owned by the Montreal Transportation Co. and built in 1903 by C. S. Swan & Hunter; 1,895 tons; 248.6x42x20.6 ft; 210 n.h.p.; triple expansion engines On August 23rd 1915, while bound from Newport to Cienfuegos with a cargo of coal, the Canadian steamship Fairmount was wrecked on Plana Cays, 12 miles from Acklins Island, Bahamas.
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23/08/1917 Peer Gynt ? SS [+1917] wreck
Peer Gynt ? SS [+1917]SS Peer Gynt, built by Laxevaags Maskin & Jernskibsbyg., Bergen in 1915 and owned at the time of her loss by H. Gran Kahrs, Bergen, was a Norwegian steamer of 1144 tons. On August 23rd, 1917, Peer Gynt, on a voyage from Port Talbot to Rouen with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine UC-47 (Paul Hundius), 8 to 9 miles northeast of Godrevy lighthouse. 4 persons were lost.
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23/08/1917 Constance SS (+1917) wreck
Constance SS (+1917)SS CONSTANCE, built by Ateliers & Chantiers de la Loire, Nantes in 1912 and owned at the time of her loss by Cie. Auxiliaire de Navigation (A. Capel & Cie.), Nantes, was a French steamer of 2.469 tons. On August 23rd, 1917, CONSTANCE, on a voyage from Bizerta to Milos with 3.350 tons of coal, 42 casks of wine and 30 cattle, was torpedoed and sunk by the Austrian submarine K.U.K. U-14 (Georg Ritter von Trapp), 142 miles northeast of Malta. The CONSTANCE sank in 7 minutes, but there were no casualties. Notes : 1.CONSTANCE was in company of ELSIE and escorted by the French gunboat BOUDEUSE. 2. The K.u.k U-14 was previously the French submarine CURIE.
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23/08/1924 Te Anau SS (+1924) wreck
Te Anau SS (+1924)Te Anau SS was part dismantled at Port Chalmers by Todd & Borlase, then sunk as breakwater at Wanganui on the 23rd August 1924.
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23/08/1928 Brightie (+1928) wreck
Brightie (+1928)On Aug. 23 1928, the BRIGHTIE sunk in a mild blow off Whitehall, Michigan, with seven persons on board. One life was lost. Loaded with pulpwood, her seams opened up. It was reported that her 60-year-old hull just gave up.
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23/08/1931 Damier FV (+1931) wreck
Damier FV (+1931) Damier (LR2672) Navire qui sombra suite à une voie d'eau dans la tempête à l'O des îles Scilly (GB). Le chalutier Palombe recueillit 9 survivants des 15 hommes à bord Ship which sank after a leak in a storm at W of Scilly Isles (UK). The trawler Palombe rescued 9 survivors of 15 men on board Barco que se hundió después de una fuga en la tormenta W Isles of Scilly (Reino Unido). El arratrero Palombe recogió 9 supervivientes de 15 hombres a bordo Navio que afundou depois de um vazamento na tempestade ao O das Ilhas Scilly (Reino Unido). O arrastão Palombe resgatou 9 sobreviventes dos 15 homens a bordo
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23/08/1937 Lee Ping SS (+1937) wreck
Lee Ping SS (+1937)Lee Ping SS sunk as a blockship in the Whangou River, March 1937.
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23/08/1940 Makalla ? SS [+1940] wreck
Makalla ? SS [+1940]The British SS Makalla, on passage London to Durban, was bombed by German HE-115 aircraft and sank in the Pentland Firth.
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23/08/1940 New Royal Sovereign SS (+1940) wreck
New Royal Sovereign SS (+1940)In 1936 the New Royal Sovereign arrived at Bridlington from Southend, possibly because of the competition there from the other large boats New Prince of Wales and Southend Britannia was too fierce. She was requisitioned by the Royal Navy in 1939 and was destroyed in an air raid in August 1940. On the 23/08/1940 the NEW ROYAL SOVEREIGN was lost when attacked by German aircraft whilst moored up in Bridlington Harbour. All the crew were ashore during the bombing.
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23/08/1941 Spind SS (+1941) wreck
Spind SS (+1941)Spind SS was a Norwegian Cargo Steamer of 2,129 tons built in 1917. On the 23rd August 1941 when on route from BARRY for LISBON carring a cargo of 3,000 tons of coal she was attacked by U-522 with gunfire. Crew of 25 saved. There are some disagreements between various sources on the exact cause of Spind´s sinking. U-552 submerged after firing 20 88mm shells into Spind and 250 rounds of 2cm. The ship was burning, but still afloat. U-552 did fire the last torpedo, but it´s not certain that this hit the doomed ship. It appears that it was actually the destroyer HMS Boreas that sank Spind with gunfire, the ship being deemed a hazard to shipping if left.
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