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02/04Black JonathanCoonagh Ss (+1917)[1]
30/03Callum SwiftS S Malachite[3]
26/03Jan LettensTwo Four-Masted Barques Lost At Cape Horn, 1909.[1]
24/03Rosso AlbertoSs Erlangen[2]
24/03Jan LettensSs Kansan 216438 Steam[1]
23/03Chiriac MarinelBulkcarrier " Carbunesti" - Imo 9002582[2]
22/03Ivan HarrisonSs Aguila[0]
20/03Chiriac MarinelTilly Wreck On Swa Coast[2]
14/03Van Der Meij WimInfo Penthievre Also Known As H2[0]
14/03Jan LettensBarque Kobenhavn[1]
13/03Jan LettensInsert A New Owner[1]
11/03Alyssa BehrThe Steam Ship “Jon Breydel” Painting[0]
10/03Sandra TaylorSs Malachite[0]
08/03Janet CollinsonHirose[0]
05/03John WhitfieldIrmgard Sailing Ship Sunk Of S/America 26.6.10[0]
02/03James JohnMv Ambassador[2]
27/02Jones RobertList Of My Marks[4]
26/02Jan LettensPhotos[1]
26/02Allen TonySs Conteverde First Worl Cup 1930[1]
22/02Kampel HeinzGhostship Kangaroa[0]
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02/04/1941 Giuseppe Mazzini SS (+1941) wreck
Giuseppe Mazzini SS (+1941)The steamship Giuseppe Mazzini was the first passenger ship of the Compagnia Italiana Transtalantica (CITRA) and launched in 1926, 7669 (8.500 grt). She was built along with her sistership Francesco Crispi. In 1936 both ships were transfered to Lloyd Triestino in 1936. Giuseppe Mazziniwas was most likely sunk by aerial bombardment off Gubbet, near the island of Nokra, beginning of April 1941. The ship was on fire and several explosions at the stern were noticed. According to some sources, the wreck of Giuseppe Mazzini was discovered in 1946, lifted and scrapped in 1951, according to others the wreck is still on the bottom, about fifty feet deep.
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02/04/1916 Simla SS (+1916) wreck
Simla SS (+1916)Torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-39, 45 miles NWxW of Gozo, Malta, with the loss of 10 crew.
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02/04/1908 Tiger HMS [+1908] wreck
Tiger HMS [+1908]This C-class destroyer was lost after a collision during a night exercise south of the Isle of Wight. Participating ships had extinguished all their navigation lights, and while Tiger was crossing ahead of the cruiser Berwick, she was cut in two and sank. Thirty six men lost their lives, 22 were saved.
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02/04/1941 Fermain ? SS [+1941] wreck
Fermain ? SS [+1941]Built as the JAN BORREMANS for J. van Steen; In 1920 owned by K.N.S.M. and renamed NERO; In 1933 owned by O. Dorey & Sons renamed FERMAIN; 13 crew & 1 gunner, no lives lost. The FERMAIN was on passage from Sunderland to Cowes, Isle of White with 850 tons of coal when she foundered and was lost in 12 fathoms depth after being bombed by German aircraft.
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02/04/1865 Virginia II CSS (+1865) wreck
Virginia II CSS (+1865)CSS VIRGINIA II was a Confederate Ironclad steam sloop of 2,000 tons and measured 197 x 47.6 x 14 feet, She had a speed of 10 knots, had a complement of 150 and was armed with 2 x 8-inch guns and 2 x 6-inch Brooke rifled guns. CSS VIRGINIA II was built at Richmond in 1864 and was the flagship of the Confederate James River Squadron. On April 2nd or 3rd, CSS VIRGINIA II was set afire on at Drewry’s Bluff above the obstructions to block the James River. As she was full of shells, her magazines exploded and the ship was blown up. Part of the wreck was removed by Benjamin Maillefert in 1865 and futher clearance followed in 1871-1872.
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02/04/1865 Nansemond CSS (+1865) wreck
Nansemond CSS (+1865)CSS Nansemond was a confederate wooden screw steam gunboat of 166 tons, measuring 106 x 21 x 8 ft built in 1862 at the Gosport Navy Yard. On April 2nd, 1965, she was scuttled at Drewry's Bluff, James River.
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02/04/1943 U-124 (+1943) wreck
U-124 (+1943)U-124 was sunk on 2nd April, 1943 west of Oporto, by depth charges from the British corvette HMS Stonecrop and the British sloop HMS Black Swan. 53 dead (all hands lost).
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02/04/1801 Prøvestenen (+1801) wreck
Prøvestenen (+1801)Prøvestenen, sunk at first battle of Copenhagen, fighting beetween Nelson Britany fleet against Danish and Norvegian coalition. It will be the end of Neutral League of Baltik country (Danmark, Sweden, Russia and Prussia) and the closure of economic exchange with Napoleon French Empire.
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02/04/1801 Wagrien (+1801) wreck
Wagrien (+1801)The Danish Ship of the Line Wagrien (Capt. F. C. Risbrich) was destroyed and sank at the battle of Copenhagen Roads, April 2nd, 1801 by lord Nelson's ships.
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02/04/1857 Deutschland (I) (+1857) wreck
Deutschland (I) (+1857)The DEUTSCHLAND was built in 1848 by Von Somm for HAPAG and was the first pioneer ship of the line. She was not a steamer, but a 3-masts, fully rigged ship, as steam engines were still not considered as reliable. She was of 538 grt, had accomodation for 20 cabin and 200 'tweendeck passengers and transported cargo as well. Used in the emigration transport between Hamburg and New York. Later also as cargo ship. On April 2nd, DEUTSCHLAND was transporting coal from Cardiff to New York, for the supply of German steamers in New York and railroad rails on her decks, when she foundered in the Atlantic.
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02/04/1865 Richmond CSS (+1865) wreck

On the night of April 2nd to 3rd, 1865, the city Richmond was abandoned by the Confederates.

The Confederate James River Fleet, CSS Beaufort (later raised as the USS Roanoke), CSS Fredericksburg, CSS Hampton, CSS Nansemond, CSS Richmond, CSS Roanoke, CSS Shrapnel, CSS Torpedo (raised in 1865) and CSS Virginia II was deliberately sunk in the James River near Drewry's Bluff or Chafflin's Bluff. Most of these ship were set on fire and exploded when the fire reached the magazines.
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02/04/1891 Wanaka SS (+1891) wreck
Wanaka SS (+1891)Wrecked on Puketapa Reef, 3 miles south of Waitara, New Zealand.
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02/04/1912 Sarmiento SS [+1912] wreck
Sarmiento SS [+1912]Sarmiento SS was a Argentinian Passenger/regrigerated cargo vessel of 2,831grt. On the 2nd April 1912 she was wrecked in the Beagle Channel, Magellan Strait when on route from Ushuaia for Rio Gallegos.
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02/04/1914 Normand SS [+1914] wreck
Normand SS [+1914]On April 2nd, 1914, the French steel cargo NORMAND, built in 1891 by Scott & Sons Co. (Bowling) and owned at the time of her loss by Unknown, on voyage from Nantes to Fowey in ballast, was wrecked on Beagle, near Black Head.
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02/04/1915 Greenbrier SS (+1915) wreck
Greenbrier SS (+1915)Greenbrier SS gross 3,322 tons was an American Cargo Steamer. She was sunk by mine in the North Sea, near Amrum, North Frisian Islands; no casualties.
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02/04/1915 Lochwood SS [+1915] wreck
Lochwood SS [+1915]SS Lochwood, built by Craig, Taylor & Co., Stockton in 1900 and owned at the time of her loss by Constantine & Pickering Steamship Co., Middlesbrough, was a British steamer of 2042 tons. On April 2nd, 1915, Lochwood, on passage from Barry with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine U-24 (Rudolf Schneider), 25 miles southwest from Start Point. There were no casualties.
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02/04/1915 Albergen SS (+1915) wreck
Albergen SS (+1915)Albergen SS was a Dutch cargo steamer of 1,777grt. On the 2nd April 1915 she passed Cape Henry on passage for Newport News for Trinidad with a cargo of coal and was later posted missing.
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02/04/1916 Arena SS (+1916) wreck
Arena SS (+1916) SS ARENA Built by E. Finch & Co., Chepstow (#35); 1019 grt, 604 nrt, 1500 dwt.; 224.9 x 31.2 x 16.0; 2-cyl. compound engine (Day, Summers & Co., Southampton), 113 nhp The Norwegian cargo SS Arena was sunk on 2nd April 1916 by the German submarine U-70 (Otto Wünsche), in the North Sea. Arena was on a voyage from Fredrikstad to Hull with a cargo of ferrosilicon, paper and lumber. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1883: Juni: Levert som RADYR for J. Cory & Sons, Cardiff, UK 1897: Overført til Radyr SS Co. Ltd. (J. Cory & Sons Ltd.), Cardiff, UK 1907: Solgt til A/S Arena (L. B. Rafen), Holmestrand. Omdøpt ARENA 1915: Juli: Solgt til A/S Rudolf (Olsen & Ugelstad), Kristiania 1916: 02.04. : Stanset og skutt i senk av tysk ubåt U-70 på reise Fredrikstad – Hull med ferrosilisium, papir og tremasse
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02/04/1916 Iméréthie SS (+1916) wreck
Iméréthie SS (+1916)Collision with Cassard off Mulay Buselhame, Larache.Marseille to Morocco with general. Imerethie II was scuttled by the Germans at Marseille but subsequently raised and broken up,
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02/04/1917 Snespurven SV (+1917) wreck
Snespurven SV (+1917) SV SNESPURVEN Snespurven, built by Napier & Miller Ltd., Glasgow in 1907 and owned at the time of her loss by A/S Vestlandske Petroleumscompagnie, Bergen, was a Norwegian steel barque of 1.409 tons; 1258 nrt; 230.8 x 37.2 x 21.1; On April 2nd, 1917, Snespurven, on a voyage from New York to Dublin with a cargo of refined oil, was sunk by gunfire by the German submarine U-59 (Wilhelm von Fircks), 25 miles SSW of Tuskar. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1907: Febr.: Levert som RENDOVA for Lever Bros. Ltd., Liverpool, UK 1915: 29.09.: Solgt til A/S Vestlandske Petroleumscompagnie, Bergen. Omdøpt SNESPURVEN 1917: 02.04. : Stanset og skutt i senk av tysk ubåt U-59 25’ av Tuscar Rock, på reise New York NY – Dublin med petroleum i bulk.
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02/04/1917 Zealandia SS [+1917] wreck
Zealandia SS [+1917]For details of the stranding, rescue and current state of the wreckage - see Wrecks of Liverpool Bay vol II
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02/04/1917 Anna Fostenes SS [+1917] wreck
Anna Fostenes SS [+1917] SS ANNA FOSTENES Built by Naamlose Vnts. Schfsw. v. Jan Smit Cz., Alblasserdam (#422); 2208 grt, 1383 nrt, 3600 dwt. 294.5 x 43.0 x 20.3; triple expansion engine (Blair & Co. Ltd., Stockton), 236 nhp The Norwegian cargo SS Anna Fostenes was sunk on 2nd April 1917 probably by a floating mine from a German submarine, 90 miles North of the Terschelling Lightvessel. Anna Fostenes was on a voyage from New York to Rotterdam with a cargo of wheat for the Belgium Relief. 8 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1902: Mai: Levert som HEEMSKERCK for Stoomv. Maats. Tromp (J. F. & F. Schellen), Rotterdam, NL 1915: Sept.: Solgt til A/S Fostenes D/S (Olaf Fostenes), Haugesund. Omdøpt ANNA FOSTENES 1916: Nov.: Solgt til A/S Olaf Fostenes D/S (M. H. Kongshavn & Sønner), Haugesund 1917: 02.04. : Senket av en eksplosjon i pos. 54.33 N, 04.38 N, 90 kvm. N Terschelling fyrskip, trolig forårsaket av en drivende mine. Var på reise New York NY – Rotterdam med hvete for Belgian Relief. 8 mann omkom.
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02/04/1917 Havlyst SS (+1917) wreck
Havlyst SS (+1917) SS HAVLYST SS Havlyst, built by Brunchorst & Dekke, Bergen in 1895 and owned at the time of her loss by A/S Haraldsens Dampskibselsk (Haraldsen & Søn), Tønsberg, was a Norwegian steamer of 532 tons; 309 nrt, 730 dwt.; 162.9 x 25.8 x 15.0; triple expansion engine (Laxevaag M&JSB), Bergen), 57 nhp, 335 ihp; On April 2nd, 1917, Havlyst, on a voyage from Sandefjord to Hull in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine U-54 (Volkhard von Bothmer), 8 miles SxE from Ryvingen, south of Lindesnes. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1895: Juni: Levert som EVVIVA for William Hansen m.fl., Bergen 1910: 13.04.: Solgt til A/S Evviva (Jacobsen & Co.), Langesund 1914: Febr.: Solgt til A/S Haraldsens D/S (Haraldsen & Søn), Tønsberg. Omdøpt HAVLYST 1917: 02.04. : Stanset og skutt i senk av tysk ubåt U-54 8’ StØ Ryvingen, på reise Sandefjord – Hull i ballast.
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02/04/1917 Sagitta SV (+1917) wreck
Sagitta SV (+1917) SV SAGITTA Sagitta, built by A. Dubigeon, Nantes in 1898 and owned at the time of her loss by A/S Christianssand (S. O. Stray & Co.), Kristiansand, was a Norwegian steel bark of 1981 tons; 1747 nrt; 263.5 x 39.1 x 22.5; On April 2nd, 1917, Sagitta, on a voyage from Savannah GA to Kalundborg with a cargo of cotton and oilcake, was sunk by the German submarine U-78 (Otto Dröscher), in the northern North Sea. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1898: Levert som GRAND DUCHESSE OLGA for SA des Arm. Nantais, Nantes, Fr. 1911: Aug.: Solgt til Skibs-A/S Mosvold (Pedersen & Mosvold), Farsund. Omdøpt MOSVOLD 1914: Sept.: Disp. overtatt av Martin Mosvold, Farsund 1915: Febr.: Solgt til A/S Christianssand (S. O. Stray & Co.), Kristiansand Omdøpt SAGITTA 1917: 02.04. : Skutt i senk av tysk ubåt U-78 Ø av Shetland, på reise Savannah GA – Kalundborg med bomullsfrøkaker. Fartøyet hadde vært i Lerwick for inspeksjon.
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02/04/1917 Arctic SS (+1917) wreck
Arctic SS (+1917) SS ARCTIC Built by Knut Skaaluren, Rosendal (#107); 104 grt, 54 nrt; 88.0 x 22.0 x 9.3; 2-cyl. compound engine (Brunholmens MV, Ålesund), 7 nhp, 74 ihp On April 2nd, 1917, the Norwegian vessel SS ARCTIC, owned at the time of her loss by Knutsen M., Ålesund, departed Ålesund for a sealing trip in the Arctic and was never seen again. The whole crew, 12 hands in total, was lost. In the same event, the HEIM was also lost with 13 crew. From Norway sources : 1912: Levert som ARCTIC for A/S Skjerva (Michael Knutsen), Ålesund. 1917: 02.04. : Forlot Ålesund for å drive selfangst i Nordishavet og forsvant med hele besetningen, 12 mann.
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02/04/1918 Solway Queen ? SS [+1918] wreck
Solway Queen ? SS [+1918]SS Solway Queen, built by R. Smith, Preston in 1883 and owned at the time of her loss by Kynoch-Arklow, Ltd., Aberdeen, was a British steamer of 307 tons. On April 2nd, 1918, Solway Queen, on a voyage from Ayr to Newry with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine U-101 (Carl-Siegfried Ritter von Georg), 7 miles off Black Head, near Portpatrick, Wigtownsh. 11 persons were lost.
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02/04/1918 Meaford SS (+1918) wreck
Meaford SS (+1918) NEWMOUNT - MEAFOR D MEAFORD was a steel bulk carrier built in 1903 at Wallsend-on-Tyne, England, by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd. 248.0 x 42.0 x 20.6, 1889 Gross. Originally built for Montreal Transportation Co. Ltd., Montreal, but returned to builder as "unacceptable" and then purchased by Farrar Transportation Co. Ltd., Collingwood. Chartered March 10, 1915 to Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co. Ltd. and used in coal trade between Sydney, N.S., and Montreal. Returned to lakes Autumn 1915 to assist with movement of 1915 grain harvest. Returned to wartime service on salt water 1916 and later chartered to French government for Mediterranean service. Whilst in Mediterranean on June 12, 1917, en route from Swansea, encountered a submarine near Sicily and sank it with third shell fired. Dominion Naval Service Dept. awarded her crew a prize of $500 for the feat. MEAFORD was lost on March 27, 1918 whilst en route from Bougie to Belfast via Gibraltar with a cargo of phosphate. She was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-53 (Hans Rose) in the Atlantic. She was originally reported as missing and was lost with all hands.
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02/04/1919 Myola SS (+1919) wreck
Myola SS (+1919) Myola; Coaster; 655 tons; 54.9x8.9x3.5 m.; Owned by Australasian Steam Navigation Co.; Built at Smith Dockyard & Engineering Co. Ltd. in 1913. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 18/1914. On 01 April 1919, Myola (Capt. Higgins) was on voyage from Newcastle to Sydney with a cargo of coal and a crew of 15, when she was lost due to a fire off Long Reef, Sydney. 4 died, of which 4 crew.
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02/04/1924 Malaya SS (+1924) wreck
Malaya SS (+1924)The American ship Malaya SS was on a voyage from Manila to Amoy with a cargo of sugar when she went ashore on April 2nd, 1924, and sank.
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02/04/1924 Frangestan SS (+1924) wreck
Frangestan SS (+1924)Frangestan SS was an Indian passenger/cargo steamer of 7,436grt. On the 2nd April 1924 she caught fire and sank
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